Do too many Tweets still make a t**t?

Dead bird

“Too many Tweets make a t**t”, was David Cameron’s derisory view of over-indulgent Twitter users a few years ago.
At that point great swathes of the voting public agreed with him and even a cursory glance at the media channel would have led many to similar conclusions.
There’s no doubt Twitter is one of the hardest social media platforms to get a grip of but, in recent times, more and more people are giving it a go – with varying degrees of success.
There’s no doubt it’s a major social media channel for business – regularly far more influential than Facebook.
But many people are drawn to it for no better reason than seeing others using it and thinking they should be on there. They have little direction and, as a result, little tangible results.
So what’s the right way to get ahead on Twitter? Well, unfortunately, there really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ user manual.
That’s the beauty (if you can call it that!) of the thing many would say. It’s up to you to discover your identity and move things forward from there.
One thing people are regularly obsessed with is building up sizeable following as quickly as possible.
As the numbers rise ever higher you become ever more confident that you’ve got social media sewn up.
But that can regularly be a distraction. I’ve had scores of social media experts from the States following me in recent weeks which sounds great in theory but it’s not going to be paying my wages in Sheffield anytime soon!
People normally refer to the obsession as ‘vanity metrics’.
Many ‘experts’ advise you Tweet at least five times a day. That can be a heck of a lot time for someone that isn’t used to the channel and doesn’t know the shortcuts.
Sometimes you need to think far more laterally on Twitter – decide your endgame and then think how this amazing tool can get you there in ultra-quick time.
I handle Twitter for a great many businesses but the easiest example of how I see it working well is a project I’m handling with a couple of colleagues – amassing support for the 75th anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz.
In just a few weeks we’ve secured potential sponsors, supporters, found amazing personal memories and released news of our plans all through Twitter.
Tell us what we should be doing for the anniversary. Find us on Twitter via #SheffieldBlitz75th or ‘like’ us